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Category: Radio Interviews

Radio Interviews Shaun and Matty talk all things sugar

Matty is back! Such a fun episode, lots of laughs and insights shared in this episode about sugar. Come find out why you’re addicted to sugary foods, what it’s really doing to your body and how you can avoid the sugar trap! We delve deep into the psyche behind the addiction, the physiological responses of […]

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Radio Interviews Shaun And Brian talk Ikigai

Are you struggling to find your reason for being? Are you stuck in a rutt and wondering why you feel so down and out? The ancient Japanese concept called Ikigai is a wonderful model which will help you find your reason to jump out of bed every morning! Have a listen to us explore how […]

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Radio Interviews Shaun And Peter

Think you need a good reason to have a laugh? No you don’t! Just start laughing for no reason at all and before you know it you will crack some genuine giggles! Why? Because laughter makes you feel good, it enhances your immunity, it sets off a cascade of happy hormones and chemicals in your […]

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