Are you finding it incredibly hard to stop drinking for good? Or perhaps you want to be able to drink more responsibly?

We’ve all witnessed people consume alcohol in excess. What may start off as an innocuous habit can soon lead to a full-on addiction. The effects can range from embarrassment to devastation. If you are considering this program you may be seeking a solution for yourself or a loved one who has been battling with booze.

This addiction destroys lives. It destroys not only the life of the person affected, but everyone who relies on them for love and support.

Let’s get you back in control of your life..

I’ve developed a 6-week program to help you moderate your alcohol intake or stop drinking all together. This program is literally a game changer. It changes lives, it can save relationships and it puts you back in control. I believe it will provide you with the most effective way to stop drinking alcohol OR help you moderate your alcohol intake, in a powerful and systematic way.

  • Is the SoberMe Program right for you?
    • Are you finding it incredibly hard to stop drinking for good? Are you looking to start drinking alcohol responsibly?
    • Is there a family history of alcohol  abuse?
    • Are you afraid that alcohol is damaging your health?
    • Have you found that your excessive alcohol intake is destroying your relationships?
    • Is your work and productivity on the decline as a result of your excessive drinking?
    • Are you an alcoholic or do you feel like you are on your way towards alcoholism?

    If you answered YES to any of the above, then this is definitely the program for you. Let’s get on top of this addiction once and for all and allow you the gift of a second chance.

  • Benefits to you

    This program is a fantastic launch pad to getting your life back on track. Whether you are looking to stop drinking alcohol all together or you are wanting to moderate your alcohol intake, the SoberMe program may be exactly what you have been seeking . 

    • Find out the real reason/s why you use alcohol as a crutch
    • Deal with the above reason/s powerfully and find a new way forward
    • Make peace with the past
    • Discover better coping skills to life’s challenges
    • Re-ignite your passion and purpose
    • Learn better strategies for healthier relationships

    From what I have experienced professionally and even personally, from watching people over the years consume alcohol in excess, is that this particular addiction destroys lives. It destroys not only the lives of the person affected, but everyone who relies on them for love and support. I am really passionate about the SoberMe program because of the seriousness of this subject matter. This program provides a safe and judgement-free zone to deal with all the areas in your life, that have lead you to this point.

    Let’s get you back in control of your life.

  • Important considerations

    I don’t take on all clients for this program. We must be on the same page if we are to work together on something as serious as this. 

    I only take on clients who are absolutely certain that they want help to either stop drinking alcohol OR to moderate their alcohol intake. I don’t guarantee any results, no one can and if they do, they are not being truthful. What I can guarantee though, is that I will do everything within my power to get you over the line on this.

    The responsibility is ultimately on you though. You will need to be willing to play 100% because that is what it takes to make the shift.

    I can p

  • Why choose to work with me

    If you are battling with booze and you are feeling hopeless or embarrassed, it’s often hard to find someone you can open up to. You may be feeling full of guilt and shame too .

    Perhaps you are holding onto a painful story from the past and you’re using alcohol as a bandaid to numb your pain..

    Whatever the reason, you will be hard pressed to find a more compassionate and understanding practitioner who will listen to you and support you in a non-judgemental manner.

    I believe as human beings, we all stuff up from time to time and no one can judge us until they have walked in our shoes. A bit of compassion, a listening ear, a plan of action, someone to hold you accountable and some pretty damn powerful tools, may be all that you’re needing to get you back on track.

    Let’s do this..

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