Do you find it impossible to sleep at night?

Perhaps you’ve always been a light sleeper or you’ve been recently under stress which is preventing a good night’s rest. Whatever is causing your sleepless nights, insomnia (the inability to sleep) can wreak havoc on your physical, mental and emotional health. Insomnia can also lead to an increased risk of heart disease, stroke and cancer, make you cranky and moody, decrease your mental capacity, and even lead to road rage and accidents. Who can drive well when they’re exhausted from sleep deprivation?

Time to kick out this unwelcome bedfellow?

To help you overcome insomnia, I have created a 7-week program that includes some of the most powerful techniques, advice and/or prescription (natural) to get you sleeping soundly again. At the end of 7 weeks, you’ll feel happier and healthier, have more vitality, improve your memory and concentration, and be an all-round nicer person – all these are the great effects of good and restful sleep!

  • Can the Insomnia Program help me?

    The Insomnia program can help you if you answer “YES” to one OR more of the following.

    • You find it impossible to switch off at night.
    • You toss and turn in bed trying unsuccessfully to fall asleep.
    • You used to be an amazing sleeper and for some reason you have lost the art of sleeping well.
    • Something is going on in your life and your sleep has been destroyed ever since.
    • You have always been a light sleeper but these days your sleep seems to be getting worse.
    • Insomnia has become a constant bedtime companion.

    Even more reasons to choose this program:

    • You are jealous of just about anyone who sleeps well!
    • You are turning to sweet foods and coffee to energise you throughout the day.
    • Your work and productivity is being negatively affected as a result of being exhausted.
    • You are easily irritated and quick to rage as a result of being insomniaced.
    • You have resorted to prescription medication, sleeping pills, praying to God, wondering what you did in a previous life to deserve this!
  • What can I expect?

    The RestfulSleep4Me Program solution to your insomnia:

    • Get to the core issue/s of why you cant sleep and deal with it once and for all.
    • Learn simple and powerful techniques to help you sleep.
    • Sleep is a natural phenomenon, you’ll develop the mindset of a healthy sleeper.
    • Get rid of poor sleep habits and install healthier ones that induce sleep.
    • Learn how to quieten your racing mind.
    • Develop confidence around sleep time again.
    • Often insomnia is a result of worry and stress, learn how to switch off.
    • Learn which nutrients and/ herbs can help you relax into a blissful sleep
    • Experience hypnotherapy, mindfulness, NLP and other modalities to correct your sleep cycle.
  • Important considerations

    Chronic insomnia unfortunately comes with a number of unforeseen circumstances or side effects, including:

    • Heart disease
    • Weight gain
    • Stroke
    • Increased risk of cancer
    • Increased aging
    • Crankiness and road rage
    • Decreased mental capacity and tolerance for kids, especially babies!

    If you are suffering from chronic insomnia I encourage you to get in touch right away.

  • Benefits to you
    • Feel happier and healthier.
    • Enjoy better energy and vitality.
    • Live longer!
    • Maintain better weight as a result of good sleep.
    • Become nicer to be around.
    • Experience improved memory and concentration.
Want to see more?

If you would like to start this program right away or have questions, please feel free to give me a call or fill out the form below.