Do you often feel bloated or blocked up because your bowels are not working well?

Perhaps you’ve been over-indulging in bad foods or you’ve you worked in a toxic environment for a while and have been exposed to excessive toxins and heavy metals. With my support and guidance, a detoxification program can be an effective strategy for removing harmful toxins in your body and improving the state of your health.

Get the best results from a tailored detox program specifically designed for you

Depending on your health and lifestyle, a detox program can range from 2 to 4 weeks. As a naturopath, I design a detox program which addresses your unique needs. Detoxification is a natural metabolic process whereby the environmental and dietary toxins we are exposed to are changed into less harmful substances, and subsequently excreted from the body.

  • Why consider a Detox Program

    If you answer YES to any of the following, then consider this program:

    • Do you often feel bloated?
    • Have you been over-indulging in all the wrong types of foods for a while?
    • Do you feel sluggish and tired?
    • Are your bowels not working well and you feel blocked up
    • Do you blame the dog every time you do a smelly fart?
    • Have you worked in a toxic environment for a while and been exposed to excessive toxins and heavy metals?
    • Have you just come back from a massive holiday of indulgences?

    Each one of these are indicators that you can benefit from a Detox program.

  • Which Detox Program is best for you

    By assessing your current state of health and health history I will determine which detox program will work best for you.  

    The program will be tailored to suit your unique needs and I will prescribe nutritional and herbal formulas along with dietary and lifestyle guidelines to support and enhance your detoxification processes. Your individual product prescription and the duration of treatment will vary depending on which program is most appropriate, however dietary and lifestyle guidelines will remain consistent for all programs.

    Express Detox:  The Express Detox may be recommended for individuals who are simply aiming to optimise their current state of good health and do not suffer from digestive or chronic health concerns. This short two week detox may be appropriate for those who are essentially well, but who have recently over-indulged. It is also ideal as a regular ‘spring clean’ detox after having previously completed one of the Integrated or Specialised Detoxification programs, to keep you well over the long term. 

    Integrated Detox:  A four week program suitable for most people to improve digestive health, liver function and overall health and wellbeing. This program is appropriate for those with general digestive or health imbalances and may aid in supporting healthy intestinal microbial balance. 

    Specialised Gut Detox:  An extended six week detox program ideal for those who suffer from chronic or extensive digestive symptoms, or experience digestive conditions and imbalances in gut flora that negatively impact on health and wellbeing. 

    Specialised Liver Detox:  An extended six week detoxification program may be recommended to those with a high level of chemical exposure or who require additional liver support to improve health. 

    Specialised Chelation Detox:  An extended six week detoxification program to support those exposed to heavy metals, such as lead, arsenic, mercury or cadmium. This program enhances the removal of heavy metals.

  • Things to think about

    Pregnancy: Detoxification should NOT be attempted during pregnancy. If you fall pregnant while doing a detox you should stop the program and contact me. If you are planning to conceive, it is however, a very good idea for both partners to detoxify before pregnancy. Eggs and sperm take three to four months to develop, so you should aim to have completed your detox at least four months prior to conception. 

    Medication: Many prescription medications can be affected by the detoxification process. However, it is unusual that you will need to alter the dosage of the medication you are taking; you may just need to separate the doses away from your detox supplements. I will be able to advise you if the medication you are taking will be affected by your detox, and if this is the case, will provide recommendations on what to do/ refer you back to your GP/Specialist Practitioner. Be sure to inform me of any medication you are taking before you start your detox. 

    Side effects:  Occasionally people may experience adverse symptoms during a detoxification program, such as nausea, changes in bowel function or headaches. Generally these are short term and will resolve without need for intervention; however, you should discuss them with me if they are severe or last more than a few days.

  • Benefits to you
    • Feel lighter in your mind and body.
    • Experience feeling vital again.. can you remember that far back? 🙂 
    • Loose a few unwanted kg’s
    • See the difference in your complexion
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