Sometimes, you just wanna come in for a session or two, to address a health issue.

Perhaps it’s something simple that doesn’t require the structure and multifaceted approach of a program. Well, the good news is that you can book in for this type of consultation too!

  • Why choose this session

    You have looked at my programs and have decided that your specific complaint isn’t covered by the programs I currently offer. This consultation/s gives you the opportunity to discuss your specific health challenge with me so that together we can get you feeling vital again

  • What do these sessions involve

    Depending on what you are coming in for, there will be an opportunity to have various tests done including hair analysis, tongue analysis, nail analysis, zinc testing and iridology to assess your overall health.

    I readily  work alongside  conventional medical GP’s where conventional diagnostic procedures including physical exams, blood/urine tests, X Rays, ultrasounds etc are needed and i’ll refer when necessary.

    The consults are fun, educational and empowering and I explain things in a way that is easy to understand.

  • What conditions do these consultations cover

    Anything from colds and flu’s, immune dysfunction, arthritis and other degenerative diseases, asthma, allergies, inflammatory bowel disease. The list is endless!

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If you would like to start this program right away or have questions, please feel free to give me a call or fill out the form below.

  • Rae
    05:31 13 Jan 19
    Almost 12 months ago I made a decision to finally do something about my smoking. I had a 22 year history of smoking and had never been able to successfully quit. I went to see Shaun on a friend's recommendation. I only met with Shaun once and have not had a cigarette since.. Shaun immediately made me feel at ease with his warm and professional manner. As a result of that one visit my health has markedly improved and I am able to walk for long distances without being hampered by breathlessness. Not only do I feel better, I have also saved a lot of money. I have no hesitation in recommending Shaun to anyone who is ready to make a positive change to their more
    Anna Murphy
    Anna Murphy
    06:17 10 Jan 19
    Shaun is absolutely brilliant and has been so helpful to me over the last 4 or so years. I always come away feeling clearer, heard, understood....and we have a lot of fun along the way!! If you’re looking for a great coach or hypnotherapist, I highly recommend Shaun! Xxread more
    05:33 10 Jan 19
    Shaun is an amazing human and practitioner. He supported and transformed me through a traumatic break-up. I felt he had every tool at his disposal to get me out of a stuck place and really move me to where i wanted to be. Very grateful to have found this resource and safe space to make life changes. Thanks again Shaun :)read more
    Grace Howell
    Grace Howell
    04:58 19 Dec 18
    Shaun is such a lovely person who has helped me become a healthier person. His kind and friendly personality helps to ensure that you feel welcomed and comfortable in all aspects of your appointment! He is so well educated and knows exactly what he is talking about. I couldn’t recommend him more !!!read more
    bridget reynish
    bridget reynish
    06:00 14 Dec 18
    I was referred to Shaun by a close friend who had great success so naturally I was drawn to him when I was going through family complications. Shaun was fantastic. So easy to talk to making me see things in a different light and help me overcome my issues. I would highly recommend Shaun!read more
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