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Overcoming negative self talk and anxiety workshop

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Aug 14, Aug 21, August 28 6:45pm - 9:30pm

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Hey there!

I’m really excited to announce the launch of a workshop series aimed at helping anyone struggling with stress, negative thinking, panic and anxiety.

“The number of deaths in Australia due to people inadvertently overdosing on sleeping tablets and anti-anxiety medications has doubled in the last 10 years.” Penington Institute’s Annual Overdose Report

That’s around 5 deaths a day of mostly middle aged people who have overdosed on their medication. These are people who struggle to deal with their overwhelmingly anxious feelings and can’t sleep at night and so they inadvertently overdose and it results in their deaths.

Even if you don’t suffer this tragic fate, I’m sure you would agree that living with anxious and debilitating thoughts can sometimes in itself “feel like death” and substantially reduce your quality of life.

So, if you’re looking for effective guidance to help you “tame the monkey in your head” or to quieten the self-sabotaging voice, that sends you a barrage of negative messages, then this is the workshop series for you.

“It has been estimated that 40% of Australians will suffer from a mental health condition in their lifetime and in any one year over 2 million have anxiety” Beyond Blue

If you are afflicted by anxiety and/or in certain circumstances, panic attacks- that stop you from enjoying life, this workshop series is for you.

If your negative thoughts are preventing you from living life to your fullest potential, this workshop series will address the potential causes and give you some powerful strategies for overcoming your self sabotaging thoughts (AKA: Monkey mind).

The best bit is I’ll teach you my easy 4 step methodology to forever change ur relationship with anxiety. The PITS Method is what I’ve successfully used over the last few years to get the best results for anxious/ stressed clients.

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What we'll cover

I’m running a 3 part workshop specialising in the above afflictions from my home-based clinic where you will learn trialled and tested techniques to once and for all:

  • Tame the monkey in your head using my really easy 4 step methodology and other fun techniques.
  • Learn how to stop/considerably reduce panic attacks.
  • Change your perception of your anxious thoughts and learn to defuse your anxiety
  • Change the inner dialogue that holds you back from living your best life.
  • Find out why you have been plagued by negative thinking in the first place.
  • Learn to trust your brain again (or for the first time).
  • Gain the confidence to take the next “big step” in your life and let go of “playing a small game.”
  • Discover how to take yourself less seriously and have a laugh with like-minded people.
  • Let go of some emotional baggage.
  • Stop self sabotaging behaviour
  • Learn some effective dietary and lifestyle hacks to reduce your anxiety.
  • Hang out with a small group of like minded people who are going to support you, learn with you and together you can champion each others’ breakthroughs.

Added benefits:
* Renewed energy & optimism.
* Better productivity at work/ uni.
* Improved relationship with self and others.
* living a more purposeful life filled with even more meaning and inspiration.

What you can expect

  • Why small workshops from my home-based clinic?

    Because I want you to feel safe and comfortable in a nice environment with like-minded people who are most likely going through similar things to you.

    As a small group, we can learn and grow together. Thereafter you will be eligible to join a private closed facebook group and we will create a tribe of friendly and compassionate people who are seeking an extraordinary life. Through this group I’ll continue to keep you inspired and motivated with great content. I will be interviewing experts and we will discover even more strategies for having a healthier mindset. You will all be able to support and champion each other too and be part of something fantastic.

  • Why work with me?

    I have an intimate knowledge of what it’s like to be plagued with anxiety and negative thinking. Through out my teens and into my very early 30’s I suffered terribly from low self esteem, panic attacks and self doubt. I questioned everything I did and I was very hard on myself. A lot of it had to do with me realising from a very young age that I was gay and growing up in a conservative community. I grew up feeling deep shame, guilt and a sense of self-loathing. I also think it had a lot to do with me just being a sensitive person, with an over-analytical mind. 

    My brain would create all sorts of “negative stories” about me and how I was unloveable. I believed these stories to be true. I sensed that if people really knew who I was, that I’d be rejected and/or ridiculed. At my lowest point, my chronic insomnia and constant anxious thoughts left me feeling depressed, tired and not wanting to be alive anymore. I couldn’t concentrate on simple tasks and my mind was often unfocussed.  

    When I came out of the closet a lot of people commended me for being so brave but in fact it was not an act of courage at all. I had no option. The anxiety and insomnia was literally killing me.

    I couldn’t keep hiding anymore.. 

    I needed external help and guidance to deal with my insecurities and fears. Although I wanted to die, killing myself would have hurt my family too much, so I opted to seek help. It was one of the scariest things I have ever done. To be that exposed, to be that vulnerable..

    I had hoped that stepping out of the closet and into the open world would free me from my anxieties, but it didn’t- my brain was now hardwired to be anxious and I still felt hopeless and I was still an insomniac. Damn!!

    I then made it my mission to find solutions to my own emotional struggles. I was a newly qualified natural health care practitioner and I read everything I could get my hands on that related to mastering one’s thoughts. I now fondly refer to this as, “taming the monkey in the mind”. 

    In addition to my bachelor of health science qualifications in natural medicine, I participated in a decade’s worth of seminars, upskilling myself professionally, seeking the wisdom of mentors, learning wonderful techniques and strategies to overcome these challenges. 

    For many years now,  I have loved the person I have grown into as a result of overcoming my “monkey mind” and overcoming feelings of shame and guilt. I embrace being vulnerable, I can have a good laugh at myself. I love being able to sleep soundly and stay focussed on my life’s passions.

    Being on the other side of all that anguish has given me awesome insights about how to help others, something I have been doing for several years in my full-time health care practice.

    Having worked with thousands of people in private practice for the last 18 years and specialising in anxiety, fears, phobias, panic attacks and addictions, gives me so much joy- to help others to navigate their way out of the darkness and into the light. 

    Those that know me well, know that this is my passion, my reason for being. 

    Now, I realise that we are each unique and all of our stories and pasts have their own flavour. I also know that shame, guilt and self-loathing can be common themes, no matter what your story is. 

    I also recognise that maturation and experience can in some instances help to resolve these afflictions of the mind. 

    However, I also know that the workshop that I’m offering is unique and powerful and that if I had had someone like myself (the confident and compassionate man I am today) to speak to and be guided by all those years ago, perhaps I wouldn’t have had to go through all the pain and suffering for as long as I did. I don’t wish for you to prolong your pain either..

  • What this workshop IS and what it is NOT:

    Even though this workshop is jam-packed with awesome techniques, deep wisdom and great tools to help you overcome your negative thinking,  it may NOT be the workshop that solves all of your life’s issues and it may NOT be the one and only workshop you ever have to attend. I really want to manage your expectations because life is a journey and this IS a chapter in that journey. This workshop may be the starting point of your journey to tame your anxiety and negative thoughts. For some of you it IS a reminder of what you may have heard in the past, but for whatever reason, NOW is the time you are ready to hear it.

    This could very well be  the workshop where everything suddenly “clicks” for you. 

    For many of you this workshop will deliver brand new concepts that you have never entertained before. 

    Many practitioners and so called “experts” tout a “miracle cure” or “quick fix” for your anxiety and negative thoughts. Heck I was even at an event recently where one such person was selling an elixir that was supposed to “cure” anxiety. What the?!? I just thought that was so irresponsible of him.. There are no magic pills, wands and potions in this world.

    This workshop is NOT that. 

    This IS an opportunity for you, to get on the path to recovery, faster and with better clarity. For some of you it IS the last piece of the puzzle that you need to forge a wonderful new future for yourself. For others it IS the first piece of the puzzle. Where ever you are on your journey, I know, you will find these sessions to be informative and life changing. That is my promise to you. Based on the feedback from previous participants, it has been a raging success and I’m thrilled to be delivering this content . 

    If this sounds like something you would like to explore with me, someone who has been on the journey too and come out on the other side, then let’s work together and hang out with other like-minded folks. Let’s connect with like-minded people who are also feeling vulnerable and perhaps scared or even sceptical- yet are willing to take a punt and learn how to have an extraordinary life. 

    Please PM me, leave a comment or call me on 0411 136 102 and let’s have a chat and see if this seminar series is for you. 

    The workshop will be limited to a maximum of 15  people to guarantee a safe and intimate place to explore your anxiety and learn powerful strategies to overcome them

    You will then have the option to join a private closed FB group where you will have free access for a month. After that time you will have the option to continue being a part of the group as a paid subscriber. 

    The FB private closed group is exclusive, you have to have done the course to qualify to be in the group.